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Is It worth Installing Apple’s New Update iOS 8.1.3?

13 February 2015

Seattle: Recently Apple released an update for its iOS operating system (iOS 8.1.3) which addressed a few complaints about the storage space required for the installation of any new software. It has also fixed some bugs related to iMessages, FaceTime and iPad multitasking gestures. Users can now download the update via software update section of native settings on iPad or an iPhone. Apple says that the update includes bug fixes which have improved the performance and stability of the device.

Here is the list of changes made on the new release:

How can You Control Your Home with An iPhone?

19 December 2014

Seattle: One of the most enticing facets of the present span of home automation is, controlling the components at your home using an iPhone or any other similar mobile devices. Many systems at your home can now be controlled using laptops, smartphones or any mobile-enabled devices. This new technology makes home automation an exceptionally fascinating feature for a user who desires to control the components at home from anywhere.

10 Android Apps That Leaves iPhone Lovers Green Eyed

26 November 2014

Seattle: With the escalation of apps that cater your needs, app stores have burgeoned to new heights in recent years. Both iOS and Android have been grappling for the control of the smartphone markets. But recently, the adoption of Android platform has been skyrocketed, as they do something that iOS wouldn't allow. It presents numerous apps with wide range of functionalities. From an app that lets you text your friends while still watching any movie, to an app that lets you manage your smartphone's LED lights for custom notifications.

Diffrent seo techniques

21 March 2014



It is a long run process where every day we keep on adding the new links to it. on a very fine day you don’t get your site on top. it takes some time to get it on top rank


It is a unethical technique where the result comes in a very short time. the Google will penalize those sites and if it ranking 2nd then the next day it might go to the 10th position


It is the combination of both white hat and black hat technique


Windows 8.1

11 March 2014

The Windows 8.1 Update is intended to make the software simpler for desktop and notebook users who choose using a mouse to touch – or may not have a touchscreen.

Developments comprise:


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