Why Android Pay is Much Better than Apple Pay?

11 June 2015

Seattle: Time’s gone when the people used to search for their wallets to make any payments. Everything is happening online and it’s not an exception to ‘payments’. Now the time has come for people to replace their wallets with new card-free payment systems like Android Pay and Apple Pay. There are several mobile payment systems out there in which the most popular ones are Android Pay and Apple Pay. But which is the better payment system to make the payments easily?

Here are a few points that clarify your doubts on Android Pay and Apple Pay:

They are more than just money

If you just take a look, both Android Pay and Apple Pay seem to be similar. All that you need to do to use these services is to wave your NFC equipped smartphone at a vending machine, authenticate the payment with a password of fingerprint and the payment will be done. But Android Pay does a lot more than just handling payments; it ties up with the retailers and if you have any reward balances, points or anything, you can redeem your points while buying something. Apple also offers some similar kind of a thing with its passbook system.       

Where can you get it?

These payment systems cannot be used all over the world; at present, the services are available only in US (payment systems have not talked about other countries except US). It’s being said that Apple Pay could be launched within this month in Canada also. The supporters for these payment systems are almost the same. In March, Apple announced 700,000 Apple Pay locations whereas Google says that we can use Android Pay in 700,000 locations.

Which phones support these systems?

In Apple, we have very few devices that are compatible with Apple Pay. Your phone needs to be a recent one i.e. the iPhone 6. So any phone older than iPhone 6 will not be able to use Apple Pay. But if you own an Apple Watch worth $399, you can pair it with iPhone 5, 5S or 5C to make use of Apple Pay.  But Android Pay can be used on all the NFC equipped phones running on KitKat and above OS versions.  

How secure these systems are?

Both Android Pay and Apple Pay seem to be very secure because neither of the systems reveals your card details to the retailer. But it creates a virtual card or an alias card which is used for the transaction. Actually, two different transactions happen while using these payment systems. One is between the payment system (Google or Apple) and the retailer and the other one is between you and the payment system.

Which is best?

As already said above, Android Pay is potentially available for millions of users through various devices. Android Pay reaches more people than the Apple Pay does, as it immensely outsells iOS. According to the recent research, the number of Android devices that are ready to use ‘Android Pay’ is 6 million and for Apple Pay, it’s 14 million. But the thing is Apple customers tend to spend more than the Android ones do. So with all the points mentioned above, most of the people would prefer to use Android Pay.

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