Is It worth Installing Apple’s New Update iOS 8.1.3?

13 February 2015

Seattle: Recently Apple released an update for its iOS operating system (iOS 8.1.3) which addressed a few complaints about the storage space required for the installation of any new software. It has also fixed some bugs related to iMessages, FaceTime and iPad multitasking gestures. Users can now download the update via software update section of native settings on iPad or an iPhone. Apple says that the update includes bug fixes which have improved the performance and stability of the device.

Here is the list of changes made on the new release:

  • The storage space required to perform a software update has been reduced.
  • It has fixed an issue which wasn’t allowing users to enter their ID and password on FaceTime and iMessages.
  • The update also addressed an issue which had made spotlight to stop while displaying app results.
  • It fixed the issue which avoided multitasking gesture working on iPad.

Storage was one of the main and persistent complaints made by Apple device users. They usually were coming across a message saying that they didn’t have enough space to update any software on their device. The previous release iOS 8.1.2 which was launched in the early December addressed an issue which was making users lose the ringtones purchased from iTunes.

IOS 8.1.3 review after two weeks:

Users normally concerned about 4 main areas when they think of iOS updates, they are, battery life, app performance, connectivity and speed. The latest update iOS 8.1.3 handles all these issues really well.

  1. Apps: The iOS applications generally remain stable except Google Chrome which often crashes when more than 10 tabs are opened. This is probably not a problem as crashes can be seen on all the versions of iOS 8; but the performance has increased drastically after it’s been updated to iOS 8.1.3. All the other apps like Slack, SoundCloud, Asana, and so on. Chrome is the only app which has been problematic.
  2. Battery life: After two weeks, the users still say that they haven’t found any issues related to battery. They’ve been able to get the back up of one whole day which is really crucial during travel and working hours. If they find any unusual battery drain outs, they would just take a look on the list of fixes; one of them would help them in solving their issue.
  3. Connectivity: Bluetooth and 4G LTE remained solid after two weeks of iOS 8.1.3 installation. But the problem is with Wi-Fi; Wi-Fi connection on the device gets dropped down for unknown reasons. It’s definitely a problem for people who do not use an unlimited data plan.
  4. Speed: After getting updated to iOS 8.1.3, users say that the device has been doing extremely well in terms of speed and performance. The update is definitely a pleasure to use when looked from the point of speed.

So it’s advised for two kinds of people who could gain some benefits on installing this update. Those who are dealing with iOS 8 problems on iOS 8.1.2 and lower versions, and those who are using 16GB iPhone 6 models.

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