How can You Control Your Home with An iPhone?

19 December 2014

Seattle: One of the most enticing facets of the present span of home automation is, controlling the components at your home using an iPhone or any other similar mobile devices. Many systems at your home can now be controlled using laptops, smartphones or any mobile-enabled devices. This new technology makes home automation an exceptionally fascinating feature for a user who desires to control the components at home from anywhere.

Though there are number of options to configure the in-home network of device controlled systems, you need to install an automation system to control the components of your home using a mobile device. You have to scrutinize the range of hardware and software alternatives which offer this as a feature of their package.

10 things you can control using your iPhone:

DVR: Today, most of the DVR’s come with an odious interface which bothers users very much. Now the users don’t have to worry if they have an iPhone as they can schedule the recordings and control their DVR’s using iOS apps which are available from Comcast and other satellite providers.

Security system: You might have come across a confound situation wherein you have to let someone into your home, but you don’t want them to access your systems or any other things. The iOS apps allow you to control all the aspects of an installed system.

Media center: L5 remote add-on technology turns your iPhone into a universal remote making the controlling process a breeze. It allows you to control televisions, PVRs, DVDs, audio equipment and any other appliances that come with an infra-red remote.

Lights: You can now use your iPhone to control Philips's Hue light bulbs; so that you don’t have to stumble over the lights in dark. You can just turn on the bulbs as you get closer to your home.

Thermostat: iPhone lets you control your Nest thermostat from anywhere in your home. It gets adjusted according to your likeliness on the temperature at different times and different days and it also connects you to the internet through Wi-Fi.

Mac or PC: Sometimes, your PC might get immense with its capability of playing media of different formats from different sources. You don’t have to worry as you have Rowmote Pro, an excellent and easy to use iOS app which lets you have all the versatility back.

Camera: EOS Remote from Canon is a seamless iOS application which lets you take classic family pictures without having to bother about the timers. Your iPhone allows you to control the shutter and the other settings.

PlayStation 3: There are plenty of controllers which are specifically designed for iOS devices. As Sony’s PS3 DualShock 3 controllers can’t be used to play iOS games, they have developed an app which lets you access your PlayStation 3 and also the PlayStation network from wherever you are.

Roomba: Roomba's software is quite spiffing in keeping your floors clean. But sometimes, you may want finest control over the cleaning device. This app enables you to control the Roomba while guiding it with the exact directions to move on (like a RC car).

Door locks: Black and Decker have built a set of door locks which can be locked and unlocked using your iPhone. You can just tap your iPhone and open the lock without having to fumble upon with the keys.

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