5 Features of iOS 9 that Could Bring a Substantial Change on iOS Devices

20 July 2015

Seattle: When the Apple’s new operating iOS 9 gets out of the beta level and reaches users, things don’t seem to be changed though they are tweaked a bit. The iPhone users might feel like visiting a home where the furniture is rearranged. They look almost the same with some minor changes being made. But iPhone users are expecting some new stuffs and it seems like they get what they are expecting. But according to the company, tweaks will not be like the massive redesign of the UI or the complete rework on notifications as in iOS 7 and iOS 8.

Here are five small things that could bring a substantial change on your iPhone:

  1. Low power mode: We know that Apple is not the first company to bring out the concept of low power mode using which the device owners can get an additional boost on their battery. Most of the users are using this feature for years to have an extended battery backup. In other devices, turning on the low power mode reduces the device’s brightness while turning off the data connection. But in Apple, low power mode does a lot more than just reducing the brightness. It doesn’t simply turn off the data connection but handicaps it so that it can still do everything but a bit slower.
  2. Separate folder for selfies and screenshots: Though it seems to be a small change, at times it can save a lot of time. It’s true that iOS 8 made the users furious with its organization of photos. But with iOS 9, Apple seems to gain back the users who were terribly disappointed with the collective organization of photos. The company has now built a smart folder for storing your selfies and screenshots. The big ‘one bucket camera roll’ is still there but if the users want to get to a screenshot captures a few days ago, they can do it within no time.       
  3. New app switcher: One major visual change that hits iOS 9 is the 3D stack of apps which looks like the old Windows 7 alt-tab screen. It seems like the change doesn’t make app switching usable. Though the beta version is said to have a few bugs, it will surely be having a new look once it gets out of the beta level.
  4. Multitasking facility: As in Android, you can now perform multiple tasks on iOS as well. The new update offers a way to view apps in split screen and also continue to use apps while video calling. It also allows you to switch between the opened apps easily.   
  5. A general tune-up: Along with the above mentioned features the OS has been tuned up generally. The company promises about the improvements on battery performance and speed particularly on iPhone 4S. Some of the improvements just seem like the common sense. For instance, if your device is not able to use any particular feature of an app because it’s too old, then it will not download the code for that particular feature which saves the precious space on the device.

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