10 Android Apps That Leaves iPhone Lovers Green Eyed

26 November 2014

Seattle: With the escalation of apps that cater your needs, app stores have burgeoned to new heights in recent years. Both iOS and Android have been grappling for the control of the smartphone markets. But recently, the adoption of Android platform has been skyrocketed, as they do something that iOS wouldn't allow. It presents numerous apps with wide range of functionalities. From an app that lets you text your friends while still watching any movie, to an app that lets you manage your smartphone's LED lights for custom notifications.

Here are a few excellent Android apps that stun up iPhone users:

  1. Cerberus: Cerberus is a brilliant device tracking app that is capable of doing a lot more than just letting you track the stolen device. Having this app, you will be able to control the device remotely using a website or a text message.You can sound an alarm even if the device is in silent mode, lock the device, wipe everything, see call log and can even hide the Cerberus app so that the thief doesn't get to know about it.
  2. HoverChat: It is a messaging app which lets you stay in your conversations even when you are using some other app or watching a movie. You can resize the messaging window and also decide on how transparent the messaging window should be.
  3. Google Keep: Google Keep is an adjustable note-making and reminder application. You are allowed to colour-code your notes and also take pictures from within the app. It also lets you record your voice memos on the go and the app transcribes it for you.
  4. Link Bubble Browser: This browser is all about saving your time. If you click on a link, the link will be loaded in the background allowing you freely continue browsing. Once the page is loaded, you can just tap the link bubble to see the fully-loaded page.
  5. UCCW: UCCW lets you to design a widget on your own for the home screen. You can simply choose any of the available skins and create your own widget by giving a new look to it. You are allowed to choose the widget displays with options for text, weather report, calendar, clocks, images, battery info, missed calls and more.
  6. Easyjet: Using Easyjet, you can easily book a flight through a simple interface; payment and check-in methods. The app also generates a QR code boarding pass that waves at the ticket desk and thereby eliminating the paper work entirely.
  7. Google Sky Map: It is a stunning application that makes use of your phone’s orientation tools and provides you an exact representation of the stars and planets on your device’s screen. You just have to point your device at the sky, and then you can learn the visible constellations. The app even works inside the doors.
  8. Tasker: It is one of the best task managers for Android it does all the necessary tasks. It lets you turn on/off your stuffs depending on location, lets you automatically reply to text messages if the device is in silent mode. You can also manage multiple tasks by changing your phone’s state depending on the time.
  9. Google Goggles: Google Goggles enables you click photos which will be analysed by Google and you will be provided with the search result page of what it thinks you're searching for. However, the main use of this app is that it lets you scan barcodes for quickly accessing the apps or other data.
  10. RAC Traffic: RAC Traffic is a simple and best application which gauges your location through the mobile signal and then pops out the current traffic alerts of that area. It's far better than listening to the radio for updates on any arterial blockages.

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