How to Protect Your Website from Hackers?

These days we see can see that millions of websites are being hacked by injecting some heinous content in order to enhance the results of some other website. This is one of the black hat SEO techniques and also the nasty side of web industry. But unfortunately, the technique worked out very well and hence we are seeing it so much. Google is not able to stop it and the web masters are not securing their websites either. But if you follow certain techniques, you can keep your site safe.       

Here are a few techniques which you need to follow to prevent your website from hacking:

Keep your website updated:

  • This is one of the most common problems that the web masters are facing; their site becomes vulnerable to flaws just because they are not updated. A random Google search shows that there are millions of websites running in the system. If an attacker finds vulnerability in any of those sites, it’s more likely that the vulnerabilities will be existing on several other sites as well so that an attacker can hack those sites easily.
  • In a CMS like WordPress, they themselves report on the vulnerabilities and ask users to keep their site updated. But all web masters are not aware of this and they leave their site to sit out of date for several months. This is just an example; several other platforms like Drupal and Magento will also require patching and updating to keep them secure.

Secure passwords & vigilance: 

  • Having a weak and insecure password for the admin area is definitely an easy way for hackers to get into the website. Few security companies also showed some of the most insecure password used in 2014; it actually serves as a reminder to tell you how insecure it is to have such passwords.
  • To make use of a secure password, the processes must be in place. Don’t share your passwords in a way that can be intercepted by the hackers easily. It’s not at all advised to send the login credentials through mail. Always try using a secure password generator/store like Lastpass or Keypass to ensure that the passwords can’t be broken easily.

Use trusted plugins:

  • All the web masters want their website to be improved; so they keep installing various plugins to improve their site. But this can lead to a lot of problems if the plugins are not trustworthy or if they are poorly coded.
  • It’s advised to check for the ratings given by other users before installing any plugin. Also, make sure that you use the plugins from trusted sources. For instance, the WordPress plugins should come only from WordPress plugin directory.     

Backups & firewalls:

  • Making regular backup of the sites and adding firewalls is always an extra layer of protection. You can also block visits from certain countries which you doubt about.
  • Few websites refuse connections from China and Russia to reduce the risk. This is not always beneficial; but sometimes some of the users may try to hack from those regions.

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