Why Use WordPress To Build Your Company Website?

WordPress, the most popular blogging platform is one of the innovative open source tools available today. Its flexibility and user-friendliness has made it an ideal tool for developing CMS based websites. WordPress comes with an easy-to-use backend that allows you to create manage and update the web pages on your site. This is not the only reason for it being used by more than 60% of the CMS websites; there are several others.

Here are 6 top reasons to choose WordPress for your company website:

8 Tips You Can Employ To Make WordPress Secure

WordPress has been the most popular open source CMS for years now. It’s being used to power more than 23% of the top 10 million websites and is also the most popular blogging platform used to power more than 60 million websites. Its apps can be accessed online and also via mobile devices; this allows many paths to be compromised. So, securing WordPress must be a top priority as large number of applications and organizations are using it.

Here are some tips using which you can make the platform secure:

How to Protect Your Website from Hackers?

These days we see can see that millions of websites are being hacked by injecting some heinous content in order to enhance the results of some other website. This is one of the black hat SEO techniques and also the nasty side of web industry. But unfortunately, the technique worked out very well and hence we are seeing it so much. Google is not able to stop it and the web masters are not securing their websites either. But if you follow certain techniques, you can keep your site safe.       

Here are a few techniques which you need to follow to prevent your website from hacking:

Hire Magento Developer to Build an Astounding eCommerce Store!

Online shopping has been a trend nowadays; people are going along with the technology and if they want to purchase something, first they search for it on the Internet. There are lots and lots of eCommerce websites which let you buy things online. But the thing is in order to offer the best shopping experience to customers; you need to have a complete control over the website. Magento is the best option to build an eCommerce website as it a fully featured platform.

Users Can Now Post WordPress Content Easily with this Twitter Plugin!

Today, WordPress is termed as one of the best open source blogging and publishing platforms highlighting the usability and web standards. The platform is consolidated with several features like multiple author capability, link management and the support for tagging posts and articles. It has a built-in template system with which the users can rearrange the widgets without editing the HTML or PHP code. WordPress offers high scalability and extendibility with some additional features.

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